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Liana Inheritance Plan

Liana Inheritance Plan

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Full on boarding process and support for you and your beneficiaries. 


  • Tutorial and wallet planning call, help to define what options fit your personal needs, recommendation for hardware and backup options,
  • 1-on-1 guided installation and setup call
  • recovery support for your beneficiaries
  • chat and call premium support
  • yearly package sent to your door: tamper evident bags, goodies, etc
  • descriptor sanity check, we verify your wallet rules were set up correctly
  • descriptor backup, we keep an extra backup of your descriptors (not keys!)
  • timelock refresh reminders, we contact you when your timelocks are close to expire, so you don't forget to rotate them
  • security checkups, we remind you to verify your backups and signers regularly

You will receive an email to schedule the next steps with us.

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